About Us

Healthy Ever After prepares healthy detox program to help your body detox, heal, lose weight and feel amazing!

We advocate a balanced life and a balanced diet. Particularly in Malaysia, food is such a large part of life and indulging in nasi lemaks, curries, durians and desserts are the norm than the exception. Healthy Ever After now provides your body the means to spring clean its system in the most natural way – by eating yummy healthy super foods! Think of it as a spa treatment for the insides of your body without the scrubs and the wraps!

After months of research and food tasting, we have created a set of Cardinal Kitchen Rules which our chefs strictly adhere to in order to ensure that every meal is delivered fresh, tasty and bursting with goodness.

Through Healthy Ever After, we hope you will find that yumminess and health can go hand in hand and partaking in our eating plans will eventually lead you to a more conscious eating lifestyle. After all, we are really what we eat and a healthy life starts with eating well.


EATING PLANS /// One day, Three days or Five days

FRESH /// Your 3 meals for the day are prepared at 5am in the morning and delivered to your home or office.

PLAN AHEAD /// Please give us 2 days notice for orders as we plan ahead in order to ensure our ingredients are as fresh as possible

PAYMENT /// Please your orders online either via PayPal or Credit Card. 

DELIVERY /// We deliver to your home or office based on 2 delivery slots – 7am-9am or 9am-11am

EAT /// We recommend you have your breakfast meal upon delivery and store your lunch and dinner in a refrigerator to be consumed at your convenience