Chie's Philosophy on Food

Eating is key to survival. But when I eat, I want delicious, enjoyable food that will also keep my body nourished and in good health. I am acutely aware of my body and I know that it reacts certain ways to certain foods. How you react to the same food, I am sure is quite different. So, in order not to just get by, but to fully thrive and be at the peak of health, one must nourish their body with the diet designed for them personally.

In my personal trek, I ate a vegan diet for thirteen consecutive years and out of two of those years, I went completely raw vegan, as I journeyed to find how to be the healthiest I could be. Living a complete vegetable based lifestyle with regards to food; clothing, etc.… brought me a deeper understanding of where our food comes from and a closer connection to nature and farming. The more I learned about vegetables in general, the more passionate I became about eating healthy and nourishing my body. This passion has taken me around the world, learning from many cultures as well as putting me in a position to share the knowledge that I have gained.

After marrying and having a child, I began to explore a broader view of what healthy eating really is. With time being a luxury these days, it is difficult for one to keep up with a diet that requires so much special planning and effort.   I began searching for something that was more manageable, more sustainable. After being at the forefront of the latest and greatest health fad, I began to look to my roots and to the past for further knowledge. From that, my food gained layers and more dimensions.

Being Japanese, I employ many food preparation techniques and flavors from Japanese cuisine as my base but I always take into consideration whom I am cooking for, and the flavors that inspire them and put them at ease. There are so many factors to consider: The location gives many clues, is it a cold and dry environment or a tropical climate? What wisdom do the local grandmothers have to share about why they eat certain foods? What, if any, are the medicinal value of certain foods? The foresight of TCM is a powerful tool to use that I am very fond of. I believe also in the potential of the beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods and drinks. They can so easily add tons of flavor while being really good for you. It really inspires me to create food that tastes amazing while at the same time is good for you!

Chie is our HEAD OF KITCHEN and WHOLESOME LIVING. She recently moved to KL city with her beautiful family, she originates from Japan but have spent most of her time traveling in the US and other parts of the world as a celebrated Chef-Consultant and Spiritual Raw Food Instructor. 

Chie is a certified Spiritual Live Food Instructor from Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, AZ, USA which is well known for its transformation detox, wellness and spiritual programs. She is also a certified Chinese Medicinal Cooking Instructor by Japan Brainpower Development Association. 

She is the co-author of Japan's “Eat Raw and Be Beautiful”, Japan's first raw chocolate recipe book "Raw Chocolate" and "LLMP Raw Food Recipe Book".