1. Why is this good for me?

Malaysia is a country that is filled with many delicious food, and we know that it’s not easy to eat healthy all the time, so from time to time we ask you to consider a spa day for the insides of your body. By not consuming meat, dairy, gluten, bad oils, processed food you are allowing your body to heal and cleanse.

  1. When do I place my order?

Our eating plans run from Tuesday to Saturday, and a lot of work goes into preparing your meals, in order to make sure your food is fresh we order from our supplier a day before and start making your meals at 5am the next morning. So please order at least 2 working days in advance for us to prepare your meals for you. For example, if you choose the 3 Day meal plan and would like to start on Wednesday, please place your order on Monday.

  1. What if I get hungry between meals?

We encourage you to only snack on fruits or nuts, raw almonds are great snacking food. Also try our homemade kale chips, we promise they are absolutely delicious and guilt free!

  1. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to your home or office, between 9.30am to 12.30pm. At the moment our service areas are in Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Mont Kiara and KLCC only. If you have a group of friends who lives outside these areas that would like to be on the program, do write to us and we'll work something out! For more updated information on delivery areas, please follow us on instagram @healthyeveryafter.my. Please enquire for all other areas. We are happy to serve you!

  1. Can I workout during the program?

Absolutely! We encourage you to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all times, not just when you are on our eating plan.

  1. How much weight will I loose?

Think in terms of “how healthy is this for me?” rather than a diet plan to help you loose weight. Many foods that are low in fat and calories or that are considered “light” are packed full of chemicals, sugar and sodium in order to make up for calories they cut out. A diet filled with healthy, clean, fresh natural foods will help your body find its balance. Our meals contain optimal amounts of macronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your body’s natural cleansing abilities, start up your metabolism and leave you feeling light and bright! You might not notice a significant weight difference, but you will definitely feel much lighter (and sexier)!

  1. What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? Will I be able to do this program?

We do not see a problem with this, though we strongly recommend that you check with your doctor before starting a program with us. You might also get hungry easily when you are breastfeeding, so we recommend that you keep lots of healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits handy!

  1. What if I am allergic to nuts? Do you have a substitute?

Our meals are made with real foods and we regularly use amongst other ingredients like whole grain, nuts, seeds, garlic and onions. We will try to accommodate your requests, but we cannot guarantee dishes are completely free of any particular ingredient, if you have any food allergies, please let us know upon check out.

  1. What to expect from this meal program?

Expect to feel clean and light, you will reach your desired healthy weight if you are dedicated. How fast you reach your goal will depend on your daily habits, your usual diet, the amount of weight you’d like to loose (or gain), your workout regime or if you have any health issues. We recommend you to be on our 3 days plan to feel the difference.

    10. Why am I going to the toilet more often?

You may experience more frequent bowel movement during the eating plan because your body might not be used the amount of fibers you are ingesting, it's perfectly normal.


Don't find your answers here? Write to us and ask away!