• Haute Chocolate

  • RM28.00 MYR

  • Description

    This is a cold pressed chocolate flavored almond and cashew nut milk made with only the finest natural ingredients, not only does it taste creamy and delicious it is also a nutritional powerhouse.

    Using non GMO almonds and cashews, they are rich in minerals like calcium, zinc, selenium, it also have fewer calories and hormone-free compared to cow milk.

    The raw cacao we use to flavor is super rich in antioxidant and mineral, and due to cacao's monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors, drinking before meals can diminish your appetite by helping the body tune in to its natural appetite, how cool is that?

    Please keep refrigerated and consumed within 3 days upon delivery.

    Please give us at least 2 working days advance notice before delivery day.

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